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About Snooze University

It’s sad, but there are numerous businesses created to take advantage of people in desperate situations.

Someone with severe sleep problems is understandably looking for a solution to their problems, which makes them a target for companies that sell supplements or other products marketed to improve sleep.

Some of these products work, others are no more than a placebo.

Our goal is to look at the research behind sleep products and sleep advice to see if there’s any evidence for them.That will hopefully allow our readers to avoid wasting money, and more importantly, pursue solutions that will actually help them.

Our Team

Dale C.

Founder & Head Editor

Juliet Barr

Content Manager and Writer

Dave Smith

Content Writer

Why I Started Snooze University

Let me introduce myself, I'm Dale.

For many years, I was a terrible sleeper. Some nights I would lie in bed for 3-4 hours before finally getting to sleep.

Most days I'd be exhausted before I even got started.

This was due to the standard stresses that most people face throughout their lives - financial difficulties, career questions, relationship pressures, anxiety, and more.

It took me years to learn how to fall asleep consistently in under 20 minutes

At a certain point, I started reading every study and research paper I could in order to try and find a solution.

There was no magic trick, but slowly I worked on resolving my issues.

Eventually, I got to the point where I could fall asleep reliably without much trouble.

I became more energetic, less stressed all the time, and overall happier.

I'd like to help you do the same

The reason that I started this site is to help others who are in the same position I was.

Not everyone has the same time or background in engineering to help them decipher studies.

And hopefully, I can save you a lot of time from the things I learned during my personal testing.