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The 3 Best Melatonin Supplements For Insomnia (2023)

by Dale Cudmore | Updated: Jan 01, 2023

What makes one melatonin product better than another?


Studies have shown that many low quality melatonin products contain other ingredients besides melatonin that either reduce their effectiveness, or can even make sleep worse.

Melatonin isn’t a cure-all for all sleep issues, but when you’re taking it for insomnia symptoms, you want to make sure you have a product that actually works how it’s supposed to.

What To Look For in Melatonin Products

Unfortunately, it takes machinery that costs thousands of dollars to test for the purity of a product like melatonin.

So how do you know if a product is good or not?

You’ll never be 100% sure, but in general you should look for:

  • Testing data - Either from the manufacturer, or ideally from a third-party testing lab
  • Good reviews - If it worked for many others, there’s a good chance the melatonin quality is good. Obviously you can’t trust all reviews, so remain a bit skeptical.
  • Company reputation - Is the company known for using cheap ingredients? Or do they use premium ingredients that might cost a bit more. A bottle of melatonin will last you a long time, so who cares if it costs $5 more?

Finally, consider the type of melatonin that you want to get:

  • Gummies - Typically taste the best, but some contain sugar
  • Pills - Can be hard to swallow
  • Chewable tablets - Some taste good, some taste terrible

I’ll give you a few recommendations of melatonin products that I think are high quality in the next section with enough variety to find one for your needs.

What’s the Best Melatonin Dosage?

You really don’t need much melatonin for peak effectiveness.

And while it’s not typically dangerous to take too much melatonin, there can be some unwanted side effects.

If you want more detail, you can see my guide to melatonin for insomnia.

SummaryOtherwise, the long story short is that you only want about 3-10 mg of melatonin per serving.

The 3 Best Melatonin Products for Insomnia

The most important thing at this point is that you understand what to look for in melatonin supplements.

I’ll give you a few recommendations here, but you should keep the same things in mind even if you’re looking at other products.

1. Future Kind Melatonin Sleep Gummies

I believe that Future Kind’s melatonin gummies have the best balance of price, taste, and quality.

It has great reviews, and while I haven’t tried their melatonin, I’ve tried several of their other products and have always been happy with them.

Future Kind does a lot of things right as a company:

  • They use premium ingredients when possible
  • Completely carbon neutral as a company (with eco-friendly packaging)
  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • Most products they sell are third party tested in the U.S.

I have very little doubt that this is a high purity melatonin product.

Finally, this is also a vegan product if you have any dietary restrictions.

2. Carlyle Melatonin

As I said before, melatonin bottles last a while, so cost isn’t usually that important. However, if you really need a budget option, this is the best you’ll find.

There’s 3 mg per tablet, which is a good amount. You can always take 2 if you’d like a higher dosage that’s still in a good range.

Despite being relatively cheap, Carlyle has a decent reputation as a company, and this melatonin is laboratory tested.

What’s the downside? The taste is not good, so you’ll have to power through it. In addition, I couldn’t actually find publicly accessible lab results, so we kind of have to take their word that they are monitoring and optimizing for purity.

3. OLLY Melatonin Sleep Mixture Softgels

OLLY is a relatively new supplement company, but seems to be doing a lot of things right.

This melatonin mixture contains 6 mg of melatonin, but also:

  • Magnesium
  • L-theanine (also found in green tea)
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon balm

While these are far less proven than melatonin, they still might help your sleep with little risk of side effects. See my science-based review of natural sleeping aids to see how much evidence is behind them.

It has great reviews for the most part from several thousand customers, which is a good sign, but the product isn’t third-party lab tested.

It’s worth trying if you’re looking for a melatonin softgel product, or want a mixture of other natural sleep aids included.

Medical Disclaimer: The information on is not intended to be a substitute for physician or other qualified care. We simply aim to inform people struggling with sleep issues about the nature of their condition and/or prescribed treatment.

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